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The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers 
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Helping Truck Drivers have Successful Trucking Careers
and Businesses in the Transportation Industry.


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 "Showcasing the Positive of the Trucking Industry

 The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers helps truck drivers and people in the transportation industry improve their business and careers.  The Podcast includes Interviews, equipment information, career information, business information for owner operators and other features that are meant to be helpful for truck drivers and those in the transportation industry.


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 The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers has main podcast episodes released weekday mornings at 5:00am Eastern Standard Time. You can learn more about the host and show at on the "About" Page and make sure follow this trucking podcast on social media.

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Driven to Drive Book by Bruce Outridge

Dec 31, 2017



Driven to Drive Book by Bruce OutridgeDriven to Drive Book

I have been a part of the transportation industry for over 30 years and I am still very involved with the people in the industry and development for new drivers. My first book titled Running By The Mile focuses on the business end of operating a truck and becoming your own boss. That in itself makes the book somewhat intimidating to those that want to just be a driver and that is where the foundation for my second book Driven to Drive came from.

If there is one thing that gave me a long satisfying career in transportation it has been Driven to Drive by Bruce Outridge leadership and owning my career. I have vowed to control it the best I could by being involved and working hard. That work ethic has taken me to great heights in my career that many other drivers have only wished for. I have always made good money in the industry, driven great equipment, and met many awesome people. Today I do my best to pass on the same techniques and work ethic that made me a respected professional driver to help you in your career. To make it more fun I have interwoven many different stories that have happened to me during my career in somewhat of a chronological order so that you can see not only how my career progressed, but help you realize that many opportunities are there for you and you may not notice them. If you have ever wanted to have a successful career as a professional driver then this book is for you? This is the information they will not teach you in truck driving schools, it can only be learned on the road, until now! Learn how to choose a good company, what to look out for when your employer is getting into trouble and protect yourself against companies that are going bankrupt. You can’t learn these things in school!

Take charge of your career today, there is no reason you can’t have a successful career like I have. I just don’t want you to take 25 years in the seat to find out how. Get your copy today!

Check out what other people have to say about the book Driven to Drive

“Driven to Drive is a ‘must read’ guide for new professional drivers aiming to achieve a successful career in the transportation industry. Bruce is eminently qualified to deal with practical scenarios faced by new drivers in their zeal to climb the ladder of success. Bruce Outridge’s insight into effective time and financial management, culture of safety, good maintenance of big rigs and a message to keep exploring opportunities to move forward in the transportation career should be considered seriously. Like all his previous offerings, Bruce once again has tried to instill pride for each and everyone working in the transportation industry for which he needs to be commended. I strongly recommend this book to all new and experienced transportation professionals as it gives them a rare opportunity to peek into the career path navigated by Bruce himself.” – Manan Gupta, Road Today Media Group


“Good reading and easy to follow, I enjoyed it very much especially when talking about your own experiences and it feeling like a story.  Many readers will find this book enjoyable and easy to identify good direction in pursuing perfection.”

David Brown
Carrier’s Coach Solutions


“Wonderful read, point well made “ownership of your position” whatever that may be at the time in a person’s life in whatever it is they are doing.”

Jim Campbell
Ontario Truck Driving School


“I enjoyed reading this.I liked how you started with the dream job and then went to a tougher company. Finishing the chapter off with showing new drivers a simple way of protecting their pay check was great.”

Shawn Jameson
Davy Truck Sales


“Loved It! Really enjoyed the chapter, very interesting. Kept my interest throughout, easy read. Favourite parts were you running out of gas, moving the lady whose husband had a gun, and being kidnapped by your co-workers. And I laughed out loud at the name of you and Andre’s first company and the reason for it…priceless!”

Matt Richardson


As a young driver I didn’t see many of theses things coming at me and until you decide to protect yourself  and create a set of rules you can live by will you start having a great career as a professional driver. I was told not to get into the industry over 30 years ago, thankful I didn’t listen to that person. I always say you should listen to the people that will help you where you want to go, not the ones that don’t have a clue. I don’t just tell you how to do it, but I give you real life situations that you relate to and will see in the real world of transportation. Training is normally done on text book scenarios in the industry, but I believe in telling it the way it will happen to many of us.. This is the perfect guide for someone looking at the industry or someone who would like ideas on how to make things better.