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The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers 
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Helping Truck Drivers have Successful Trucking Careers
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 "Showcasing the Positive of the Trucking Industry

 The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers helps truck drivers and people in the transportation industry improve their business and careers.  The Podcast includes Interviews, equipment information, career information, business information for owner operators and other features that are meant to be helpful for truck drivers and those in the transportation industry.


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Jul 4, 2024

LP1257 Private Motor Truck Council Conference Recap! (2024)

Private Motor Truck Council Conference Recap! (2024)

#PMTConference #transportation #truckingevents #truckingconference #eventrecap

In this episode, we provide a detailed recap of the Private Motor Truck Council Conference for 2024. Join us as we highlight key insights, industry trends, and exciting developments from this important event in the trucking industry. Stay informed and up-to-date with all the latest news and updates from the conference. Watch now to get a comprehensive overview of the Private Motor Truck Council trucking conference! 
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The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers talks all things trucking for people in the transportation industry helping them improve their business and careers. Interviews with industry professionals and truck drivers, trucking information, and other features on the industry are meant to be helpful for truck drivers and those in transportation. The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers has main episodes released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with bonus material on other days. You can learn more about the host and show on our website and make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the show on your favourite podcast platform. 

What does The Lead Pedal Podcast mean? The Lead (pronounced - Led) stands for acceleration or fast-track of your career or business. It is a play on words and we certainly are not here promoting speeding in the industry. We are hoping this information will help you become a professional driver faster than if you didn’t know about many of these topics.

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