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The Lead Pedal Podcast aims to be a positive voice for truck drivers in the transportation industry with information on how to improve their trucking careers or businesses. Learn more about the podcast by watching the trailer below.

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The Lead Pedal Podcast episodes are released every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:00am Eastern Standard Time. You can learn more about the host and show at on the "About" Page.

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Apr 24, 2018


A Look at GO99 with Devlin Fenton

Bruce interviews Devlin Fenton of GO99 about their new application that helps owner operators find freight and create relationships directly with the shippers. GO99 is a combination of load board, factoring, and administration application helping small to medium sized carriers operate...

Dec 12, 2017


Bruce chats with Ward Warkentin of Fleetmetrica and George Skotidas of Premier Family Farms about using data from Electronic Logging Devices and Fleetmetrica’s data processing tools to manage drivers. Find out how to use the data and technology to improve how you manage your fleet an what data is available....

ELDs-Friend or Foe?

Dec 6, 2017

ELDs-Friend or Foe?

Well we’ve come to that time of year, The Holiday Season. This year the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is giving the trucking industry a Christmas present with the implementation of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). December 18, 2017 is the date of implementation for phase...

Learn about substance issues in the workplace with DriverCheck’s online training programs.

Nov 22, 2017


Learning how to detect and manage substance abuse in the workplace can be very complicated. Training your staff on policies in the workplace is extremely important. As Canada’s leading drug and alcohol testing consortium they have the knowledge base and information to help train your supervisors on how to set...

TruckRight helps you keep your files compliant

Nov 17, 2017

TruckRightWe often think that our driver files are compliant but as busy managers that can be a daunting task. Items get overlooked and information can get misfiled causing you compliance problems without knowing it. An automated system can help make sure you have the proper information in each file allowing you the comfort and...